M&G Products

Our tested and proven products serve and find niche applications in the rubber, plastics, paint, coatings, sealant, adhesives, paper and many other industries and are availed as powder and/or ready to use dispersions. We may undertake R&D assignments and customized solutions for clients upon request and accept contract manufacturing arrangements upon negotiation.



    • Marlipal range of alcohol ethoxylates are used in the cosmetic and personal care industry as wetting agents, besides being used for mould cleaning in the latex glove industry.
    • Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates have many uses, primarily as surfactants in detergent formulations both, industrial & domestic. These are also used as cleaning agents, scouring agents, wetting agents & dispersants or emulsifiers in textile formulations.
    • Also these are used as emulsifiers, solubalizers in cosmetics & health care formulations. Also some of fatty alcohol ethoxylates and itsBLENDS are used as APEO free surfactants.


    • M&G range of stearate dispersions are used in both NR and NBR glove manufacturing; zinc stearate (Diptack 40 & Zinctack 40) and calcium stearate (PolyCalsperse 50) based dispersions used mainly for NR gloves, while for NBR gloves potassium stearate based antitack; namely Biotack N and Detac KP 25 are preferred choice of antitack due to its specific advantages of lower dosage and less former fouling problems.


    • Calcium stearate dispersions are also used as anti-sticking agent in polymer pelletization process (Butyl rubber pellets) and in dry rubber compounds as antitacking agent.