Milestones M&G Mixing Technologies Sdn Bhd (1994– 2015)


Major Milestone:

The Company started as a trading company back in 1974 as M&G Aromatics Sdn Bhd, supplying a range of essential oil products and fragrances from the USA.

After the financial crisis of 1979, the management decided to venture into specialty chemicals for niche market – the Latex Glove Industry. It started as a small OEM arrangement with a UK dispersion manufacturer, producing zinc stearate dispersions for use as an antitack agent (mould release agent) – our first Customer is a MNC and one of the leaders in medical products manufacturer based in Kulim, Kedah. The products quickly got approval from this MNC's affiliates in Sri Lanka and Thailand within 2 years of our product introduction. The local Malaysian glove customers were slow to adopt this new product application for powder free gloves back then.

Within 4 years of our product introduction we started our own manufacturing plant in Puchong back in 2001. From then onwards we started to introduce new products – calcium stearate based dispersions and other grades of zinc stearate dispersions for the dry rubber industry. We were successful in introducing our zinc stearate dispersion to one of the Top 5 Malaysian Glove producers based in Klang.

Due to stringent Quality Requirements of the Industry, we installed new Mixing equipments from Europe and increased our capacity within the next 3 years. Then customers wanted solutions to their mould cleaning problems. Thus we produced some high-end surfactant based cleansing agents in due course as a service to our loyal and select customers.

Being well recognized as one of key suppliers of water based stearate dispersions, we were able to secure some foreign tie-ups with European dispersion manufacturers to supply us our raw materials to formulate our own antitack agents for both NR and NBR based gloves. In 2011 we started to manufacture our own potassium stearate dispersions and were introduced to the high end NBR glove market of the industry. This made us a key supplier of stearate dispersions in the Asean market. Our most important achievement to date is to be a key supplier to the world’s top manufacturer in the Glove Industry as well as the few Top 10 key producers in Malaysia and Thailand.

The fact that competitors are trying to imitate our products proves that our stearate dispersions are the leading quality of Stearate dispersions in Malaysia and the Asean region. Our wetting agent Marlipal O13/129 also has become a well known brand name in the industry after just 5 years in the marketplace.

Beyond 2015, we see a very bright prospect for our products and company, making progress into competitors' market share in every segment.