Rotofoil E-series

In-Mix A / S is now ready to serve our customers with the new Rotofoli E-series

"The series is primarily designed for OEM customers doing tanks and process solutions."
Our target custommers are in the food and chemical industries, where we can supply mixers to customers with tanks up to 20,000 liters.

Via an intuitive userinterface in the E-Series Configurator you can enter the tank volume and viscosity of the final product. In addition, you must specify if the requested stirring is low, medium or high intensity.

The configurator will then choose a model in our range which is sized and scaled properly for your needs. We offer a range of options for the choosen mixer. This will change the price and delivery date.

You have a choice of changing the following GearMotor: Standard gear, ready to drive, and finally ATEX. You have a choice of adding sealing flanges, tank flanges and mechanical seals for the mixer

You can also choose between glass blasted or polished propeller.

In addition to the above you can have In-Mix check and recalculate your mixer dimensioning against your your tank drawing and adjust the length of the shaft before shipping. We also offer extended warranty on the mixer.