Viscosity range up to 50,000 mPa×s. Liquid / liquid dispersions, solid / liquid dispersions, dissolving / hydrating powders and other complex mixing applications.


Clean-in-place capability, USDA-dairy approved, no wearing parts in products zone, single shaft obstruction-free design, quick disconnect mixing head for inspection.

The ROTOSOLVER operates with four shear stages:

(See the illustration showing the in / out high shear flow of the ROTOSOLVER)

  1. Flow is drawn into the mixing head from above and below, where all materials are immediately mechanically sheared by teeth on the rotors at the top and bottom of the cylinder.
  2. The two high-velocity counter-current streams converge within the cylinder, causing high turbulence and hydraulic shear, without momentum loss from obstructions within the cylinder.
  3. Hydraulic pressure forces materials to the periphery of the cylinder, where it is subjected to further mechanical shear as material passes through the sharpened slots.
  4. The high-velocity radial discharge combines with slower moving tank flow for additional hydraulic shear and circulation.


The ROTOSOLVER provides the most innovative technology for producing solutions and dispersions. To illustrate how the ROTOSOLVER is unique among mixing devices, we offer the following comparison:

The table shows ROTOSOLVER characteristics versus other mixers.

ROTOSOLVER Conventional low speed agitators High speed saw-tooth disc dissolvers Fixed stator close clearance high shear mixers
Mixing rate High intensity. Good top-to-bottom motion. Very good top-to-bottom motion. Good top-to-bottom motion. Low intensity. (difficult to draw powder into mix)
Shear rate High Low Moderate Very high
Particle size reduction High Very poor Moderate to high High to very high
Viscosity range 50,000 mPa.s 50,000 - 100,000 mPa.s 100,000 mPa.s 25,000 mPa.s
Disperse immiscible fluids Yes No Yes Yes
Fully dissolve or hydrate powders into liquid Yes No Some Yes (may overshear)
Wearing parts in product zone No No No Yes
Capable of CIP Yes Yes Yes No