Detac KP25 (mould release agent – powder free gloves)

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Mould Release Agent – powder free glove applications


Detac KP2-LS is an enhanced grade of water based fatty acid soap dispersion that is manufactured for the special antitack properties that is required in latex glove manufacturing applications. It is easily miscible with water and no vigorous stirring is required to dilute to required percentage for use in the coagulant tank together with calcium nitrate for powder free gloves manufacture –especially for NBR latex gloves production. Will not leave powder marks on gloves unlike other materials, and the formers are easily washed out using our Marlipal O13/129 wetting agent.


It is specially formulated as mould release agent in powder free NBR Latex Gloves manufacture due to its very ;low dosage and ease to wash off stains on porcelain formers after dipping. Due to ease of maintenence there is a tremendous amount of savings on downtime in former cleaning and costs of washing chemicals.


  • Partially soluble in water
  • Ease of use, less foamy


  • Reduced formulation cost
  • Improved detackifier properties


pH -1% soln 9.5 - 13.5
Physical Form Semi paste or paste
Specific Gravity < 1.0
Appearance Semi-Translucent to White
Total Solids 25 +/- 2.0%


Molecular Formula Fatty acids Potassium salt
CAS No. 593-29-3


It is packed in 180 kg open top PP drums


Store in cool, dry conditions and keep away from direct heat source and sunlight. When not using the material always seal the packing.


At least 6-9 months when stored in sealed packing under above mentioned conditions.

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