Detac MS-P20 (Magnesium Stearate 20%)

Material Safety Data Sheet

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FUNCTIONAL Mould Release Agent – glove applications


OUR Magnesium Stearate Dispersion is made from a pharma grade palm based fatty acid. It is produced for the special antitack properties that is required in latex glove manufacturing applications. It is easily miscible with water and no vigorous stirring is required to dilute to required percentage for use in the coagulant tank together with calcium nitrate for powder free gloves manufacture –especially for NR latex gloves production.


It can be as release agent in powder free Latex Gloves, condoms, uncured rubber compounds eg retreads, injection or molded rubber products (Cycle tire) etc,.


  • Completely miscible with water
  • Ease of use


  • Reduced formulation cost
  • Improved antitack properties


pH @30 Deg C 8.0 -12.0
Physical Form Milky white to Off white liquid c
Specific Gravity 1.01 – 1.04
Viscosity -cps 40 – 150, sp No 4 30 deg C
Total Solids 20+ 2.0%


Molecular Formula Stearic Acid Magnesium Salt
CAS No. 557-04-0


It is packed in 200 kg open top HDPE/PP drums


Store in cool, dry conditions and keep away from direct heat source and sunlight. When not using the material always seal the packing.


At least 6-9 months when stored in sealed packing under above mentioned conditions.

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